3D Printer Lends Compelling Benefits

VEAR has acquired a PRUSA i3 MK2 3D printer to assist our clients to bring their ideas into reality quickly and accurately.

3D Printing has revolutionized the design of products and is moving quickly into the way legal evidence is presented and understood.  We now have a 3D printer that allows us to produce evidence that can be held and observed by viewers who would have only been able to view photographs or computer aided models before.

The 3D Printer uses data collected from scanners and digital cameras to create accurate crash and scene models that precisely recreate the scene at a small scale for presentation in the courtroom.

Most people learn kinesthetically which makes physical models especially compelling for more individuals in any courtroom than expert testimony (auditory learners) or photos (visual learners).   Reaching through more effectively to people provides the ability to present a more compelling case.

We hope to put our new tool to use for you in the near future!