3D-WRECS Revolution


VEAR is constantly pushing the boundaries of 3D technology in the accident reconstruction space.  Utilizing billions of points of data, engineering expertise, precision pointcloud CAD Mesh 3D modeling, and Adobe’s 3D interactive PDF technology, 3D-WRECS was born.

3D Watertight Replicated Engineered Crash Scene allows anyone to receive a relatively small file – emailable size – open it on their computer, and manipulate a very detailed and precisely accurate 3D model of a crashed vehicle.  Before now, only a link to a video of a spinning model could be emailed.  Now, as someone studying a case, you can tilt, rotate, and examine the crashed vehicle at your own pace and deliver the best possible council to your client.

Take a peek here to get an idea about what this offers, and please give us a call to hear more about how it can help your next crash case!