Education and Training

VEAR’s experienced staff has worked on accidents involving all types of vehicles including trains, tractor trailers, commercial trucks, buses, off-road equipment, passenger vehicles, motorcycles, ATV’s, travel trailers, trailer hitches and go-carts.

Dedication to keeping up with emerging technologies, continuous education, and new accident reconstruction methods keeps VEAR on the lasers edge of the science and technology of accidents.

• VEAR staff includes five Ph.D.s in the fields of engineering, physics and Gary-speakerpsychology
• Two licensed Professional Engineers
• Three Engineers-in-Training
• Dedicated to continuous education in accident reconstruction methods through conference attendance, presentations and publications
• Three nationally accredited reconstructionists

Training is offered by our experts to law enforcement localities.  The best way to preserve evidence and safely retrieve crash data is for the first responders to know exactly what to do an not do on the scene of an accident.