3D Printer Lends Compelling Benefits

VEAR has acquired a PRUSA i3 MK2 3D printer to assist our clients to bring their ideas into reality quickly and accurately.

3D Printing has revolutionized the design of products and is moving quickly into the way legal evidence is presented and understood.  We now have a 3D printer that allows us to produce evidence that can be held and observed by viewers who would have only been able to view photographs or computer aided models before.

The 3D Printer uses data collected from scanners and digital cameras to create accurate crash and scene models that precisely recreate the scene at a small scale for presentation in the courtroom.

Most people learn kinesthetically which makes physical models especially compelling for more individuals in any courtroom than expert testimony (auditory learners) or photos (visual learners).   Reaching through more effectively to people provides the ability to present a more compelling case.

We hope to put our new tool to use for you in the near future!


Drone Assisted Accident Reconstruction


VEAR takes pride in keeping on the cutting edge of accident reconstruction technology. We invest in the most up to date software from vehicle manufacturers, the FARO Focus 3D X 330 for 3D laser scanning, and now VEAR announces a drone fleet for aerial photography and 3D computerized environment production.


Commercial drone flight requires FAA certification. VEAR’s Gary Johnson and Jeff Standridge have recently attained their certification and are fully approved commercial drone pilots!


Drone Advantage

Drones allow VEAR to get and share a bird’s eye view of the crash scene. It’s especially helpful in areas where visibility is low on the ground, curvy roads, steep slopes, on bridges, and to capture views of the scene from a different perspective. 

In addition to being impressive visually in the courtroom, the additional points of data are helpful in reconstructing the facts of the crash being investigated.  VEAR’s fleet of drones are specially equipped with high resolution digital cameras and GPS enabled flight plan controls. They can hover and capture detailed images from great heights and nearby existing structures.  These images can then be used to produce a 3D computerized environment of the crash scene that can be viewed and shared online without special programs. 
Engage VEAR with your next crash case to see the drone program in action. Be sure to congratulate our new pilots next time you see them!

Gary Johnson Presents CE Course

The Alabama Association of Claims Professionals has invited Gary Johnson, of VEAR, Inc., to present a CE course at their June meeting.  The course is titleGary M Johnson Presents CE Course on Accident Reconstructiond, Accident Reconstruction Technology and Legislative Update.

The June Meeting will be held at the Hoover Country Club at noon THIS Thursday June 23rd. Lunch will be provided and the cost is $20 for members and $25 for non-members. RSVP today to info@alclaims.org.

The Alabama Association of Claims Professionals‘s purpose is to provide a forum for all kinds of professionals that interact with insurance claims to connect and develop friendships as well as their skill sets.  Insurance adjusters, agents, attorneys, restoration professionals, and others who serve the industry are welcome!

The course is approved for 1 hour credit by the State of Alabama Department of Insurance.  One hour of Continuing Legal Education credit is pending approval from the Alabama Bar.  It will cover the latest developments in Accident Reconstruction technology, specifically the information and evidence that can be acquired from event data recorders and cutting edge imaging tools that can visually reconstruct crashed vehicles to enhance the evidence observation experience for all stakeholders.


Grand Opening and Ribbon-Cutting

Ribbon-cutting Ceremony to Celebrate Grand Opening of VEAR Inc. at new Homewood Location

VEAR, Inc. is pleased to announce they will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its recently renovated 8,000 sq. ft. offices and laboratory facility.

“We’re happy to introduce this state of the art space to both the local community and to our clients who will benefit from the improvements.” said Raymond Thompson, PhD, CEO and Owner of the firms.  “The ribbon-cutting ceremony for Vista and VEAR marks the launch of a new phase for both businesses.”

The Homewood Chamber of Commerce will facilitate the 4pm ribbon-cutting and Hoover Chamber Representatives will assist in congratulating these Innovation Depot graduates.  The laboratory features a scanning electron microscope and other equipment that places it among the premier metallurgy labs in the Southeast.

“We’re delighted to invite the public to see how much we’ve done to improve the building.  Homewood is now home to an engineering laboratory that stands where warehouse space used to be.  Many upgrades were made to surfaces, HVAC, communications and the electrical to bring it to the standards required for an engineering laboratory.” Said Dustin Nolen, PE.

The public is invited to tour the facilities and meet the staff at 130 Citation Ct., in Homewood on February 25th between 2pm-7pm with the ribbon-cutting at 4pm.

Let us know you’re coming with your RSVP here.


3D-WRECS Revolution


VEAR is constantly pushing the boundaries of 3D technology in the accident reconstruction space.  Utilizing billions of points of data, engineering expertise, precision pointcloud CAD Mesh 3D modeling, and Adobe’s 3D interactive PDF technology, 3D-WRECS was born.

3D Watertight Replicated Engineered Crash Scene allows anyone to receive a relatively small file – emailable size – open it on their computer, and manipulate a very detailed and precisely accurate 3D model of a crashed vehicle.  Before now, only a link to a video of a spinning model could be emailed.  Now, as someone studying a case, you can tilt, rotate, and examine the crashed vehicle at your own pace and deliver the best possible council to your client.

Take a peek here to get an idea about what this offers, and please give us a call to hear more about how it can help your next crash case!