Event Data Retrieval

Event data retrieval is available on most on highway vehicles that are in use today since they have some form of Event Data Recorder (EDR), either in the engine control unit, power-train control module or the airbag control module. Although some EDRs are not publicly accessible, VEAR has the training and equipment needed to safely harvest and evaluate data from all manufacturers that allow access to the data. This includes heavy trucks equipped with Detroit Diesel/Mercedes, Cummins, and Caterpillar engines and passenger cars manufactured by General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler.

Gary Johnson is a certified CDR Technician Level I and II Trainer/Mentor. For more information, click HERE.

You want relevant information from the abundance of data contained in an ECM data recorder suchgarry as speed, engine load, cruise control status, brake status, and fault code information.  Some heavy trucks monitor over 100 different parameters.  VEAR has expertise in both extracting event data as well as interpreting the data in relation to the events.

Experts are required to correctly extract information from event data recorders. Some will automatically reset data if the user is not properly trained. VEAR!s staff has completed hundreds of successful downloads from every supported truck engine and passenger vehicle.

VEAR creates value for their clients through accurate data downloads for every commercially available event data recorder and the ability to relate that data to the events of the accident.

CDR V 16.2 Released
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