VINTrucks – EDR Analysis for Heavy Trucks

This app will decode heavy and medium duty truck Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) for most 1991+ truck
manufacturers for the purpose of determining specifics about the vehicle. It will then list the software
tool needed to download the engine’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and if calibration and/or incident
data is available. Major known issues are also shown in the notes section.


 Year Manufactured
 Chassis Manufacturer
 Engine Manufacturer
 Check Digit Validity
 Software tool(s) required to access calibration and incident data
 If calibration Data is available
 If incident data is available and a brief description

The data can then be:

 Emailed to VEAR
 Emailed to anyone else
 Copied to the device’s clipboard for easy insertion into any communication

VIN Trucks can also launch a call directly to a VEAR accident reconstruction expert for quick response.

VIN Trucks is a great resource for accident reconstructionists, insurance adjusters, safety managers, and attorneys.

VIN Trucks does not require an internet connection.  Functionality is also provided below for your convenience:

 App is available from Google Play or from the Itunes Store.