VEAR Experts Make Huge Difference in Settlement Amount

At VEAR, we love to hear when our efforts make a difference in the outcomes of cases.  This happened recently and our attorney client sent us a letter to let us know how things turned out:

Dear VEAR team,

Your assistance in the recent case we worked on together resulted in a dramatic conclusion that would not have been possible without the clear picture of events revealed by your data analysis.

The accident caused Ms. Smith $500K in medical debt and $800K in other damages and lost wages with a total claim of $1.3M. Based on the visual evidence at the conclusion of the crash, one might find her claims reasonable and find her to have no fault in the event.

VEAR’s expert, Preston Scarber, was prepared to testify to the findings of his data download of the vehicle event data recorder.  The recorder data demonstrated Ms. Smith was drgavel-clipartiving at nearly twice the speed limit seconds before impact.  This revealed the actual events that led to the impact which exonerated my client.

With such information on hand, Ms. Smith’s attorney accepted a settlement of a token to cease further litigation – a far cry for the initial proposal.  I wanted you to know that your work on this case made a significant difference.  We appreciate your assistance and look forward to working with you in future cases.


Attorney Rob Mink, PLLC